How much do you need to make to get to the NHL’s new home?

The NHL will open its new home in Nashville on Sunday with a special ceremony, a game-day parade and a big game.The new arena will be built by Concord Services Corporation, a company owned by the owners of the Nashville Predators.It will be the third NHL arena built by the Nashville-based company.The arena is expected […]

Marine services corporation to pay $7 million for $15m stake

The Marine Services Corporation (MSC) has been granted a $7.5 million stake in the company.The $15 million was raised by the company’s first $10 million round in September 2017.The stake will provide the MSC with an estimated valuation of about $8.5 billion, the company said in a statement on Monday.The company is a division of […]

When The RMA Rises, Here Are the Top 25 Health Care Services Corporations to Watch

Posted August 12, 2018 07:24:23One of the biggest health care organizations is preparing to take a major hit from the RMA, as it is expected to go bankrupt this year.AstraZeneca, the largest healthcare provider in the US, announced it would close all of its healthcare services operations as part of a restructuring plan.AstraZenec’s CEO Michael […]

Which are the best and worst companies to join?

India is the most popular place for corporate recruitment in the world, with a whopping 77% of corporate recruitment companies in the country having at least one Indian employee.But as recruitment becomes more globalised, India’s recruitment practices have evolved to become more competitive, which has resulted in the number of companies hiring in India being […]

How to avoid getting sued by your business

I have a great idea that could help my company expand faster and grow faster.Let me explain: I don’t want to get sued.I know that sounds crazy, but I’ve heard this argument so many times I can’t believe it’s true.The reason I’ve come to this conclusion is because of my experience as a lawyer, which […]

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