When to invest in corporate services: A look at the top 10

On a recent afternoon, a group of tech executives from around the world descended on the offices of Kemper Corp. to discuss the prospects for the next phase of its expansion into the corporate services market.

They had come to see executives from several of the biggest firms in the sector discuss the opportunities and challenges ahead.

The meeting was meant to provide investors with a peek into the plans of the venture capital arm of a leading technology firm that is expected to grow to more than $4 trillion by 2025.

KemPER, one of the most influential players in the market for high-tech services, is expected by some analysts to become the first tech firm to double its revenue in the coming decade, thanks to a mix of high-margin growth in digital and enterprise services and new business models for those services.

Keurig, a coffee maker with more than 1.5 million employees worldwide, is one of several major technology firms to consider entering the services sector, according to people familiar with the matter.

The companies in the meeting were represented by executives from the world’s top tech firms and their senior executives.

Some were also on stage with Keurignig executives, which included its CFO, COO and COOs, as well as its CIO, CFO and CIOs.

The executives spoke about how the service business is changing rapidly, as people shift from traditional retail sales to mobile, cloud computing and other digital services.

The service industry is expected, according for example, to grow 25% to 50% in 2025 from $2.7 trillion in 2025 to $3.2 trillion, according the report from the firm’s Global Strategic Research, released Monday.

Among the big names participating in the Keuririg event were: Intel Corp., which is expanding its digital services business into mobile, home security, e-commerce and other new services; Microsoft Corp., the world leader in cloud computing; IBM, which is developing new services for cloud computing, and Dell Inc., which offers services to health care, retail, finance and other businesses.

One of the big differences between traditional retail and cloud computing is the speed of the services that companies offer.

In a recent report by the investment bank CB Insights, the technology industry saw a significant growth in services over the past year.

The report, which covers services and revenue by service and revenue category, said that the services revenue rose by 30% to $7.9 trillion in 2018, while the services-as-a-service revenue grew by nearly 6% to more $18.5 trillion.

The overall services-sales revenue increased by 14% to about $30.5 billion in the same period.

But services have not kept pace with the growth in cloud services, said Michael Riedl, a partner at CB Insight.

That’s partly because of the difficulty of creating a viable business model for new services that can be delivered in an effective way.

Ried, who spoke to the audience, noted that some service providers that offer their services through cloud computing have been unable to monetize those services as quickly as traditional retail companies have.

A major change in services is the rise of the cloud computing industry, said Mark Coughlin, chief technology officer at Keuririnig.

The services business is now dominated by the big three.

Apple Inc. and Google Inc. have led the charge.

The companies are also working on cloud computing services that allow customers to manage and manage their data.

That has created an opportunity for the likes of Microsoft Corp. and IBM to step up.

“We are seeing a real shift to the cloud and the service sector is a key driver of that,” said Ried.

IBM is working with partners like Keuriniig to offer its services through its cloud services platform, which also is the platform that runs Keurinext, a software product that allows companies to integrate services with existing enterprise software.

That software is now being integrated into IBM Watson Watson, an online service that provides customers with an intuitive interface for managing their financial data.

“The cloud is here to stay,” said Coughlins comments, “but it’s going to take time.”

A key challenge for Keuriners service providers is finding a way to retain the talent that they need to grow.

There is a lot of competition among services providers to deliver those services, and the competition is intense, said Caughlin.

IBM has already said that it will expand its offerings for customers, but not in a way that will make it competitive with Kemples.

Kemerins services are designed for the services business, so they can be easily integrated with existing systems.

But they are not the same as those that the traditional retail industry can offer, he said.

Coughlin noted that the company has invested more than 2 million square feet in facilities

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