What to know about Trump’s plan to overhaul health care coverage

AUSTIN — Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has promised to overhaul the health care system in the U.S. by giving Americans a chance to buy their own health insurance through a private company.

The idea, which could reshape the health-care landscape and have wide-ranging implications for Americans’ access to health care, has sparked a rush of private-sector plans to launch.

Trump has been criticized for proposing a system that would put a premium on people buying their own insurance plans.

But a key provision of the Republican platform that Trump released Friday includes a provision that would give people the option to purchase private health insurance for themselves, which would make the process of shopping for coverage cheaper and more accessible.

“A good policymaker needs to have the ability to choose his or her own plan, to choose the type of coverage, the quality of coverage,” Trump said.

“A good health care policymaker should also have the option of buying private insurance.”

Trump’s campaign said in a statement Friday that Trump was a “great champion of our people and our healthcare system.”

The plan comes at a time when Trump has been working to secure more than $1 trillion in federal spending for the next fiscal year and has made an effort to attract business to his businesses in order to build his candidacy.

Trump also made a pitch Friday to businesses in an effort at wooing them.

“Business owners, especially small businesses, are being hit hard by Obamacare,” Trump told a group of investors in New York.

“We’ve got to do something.

We’ve got a lot of small business owners who are hurting and have a lot to say about this.”

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