Which restaurant service should I go for?

Restaurant owners and franchisees need to get on with the job of managing their restaurants, rather than waiting for government legislation to make it easier to do so. 

While a majority of people would welcome more government guidance, the new report from the Confederation of Irish Industry (CII) suggests the best advice would be to focus on the most popular options in the market.

The CII says the most profitable restaurants are those that are owned and operated by Irish citizens.

It says these include those that serve food and drink, and that are managed by a company or franchisee.

“The report recognises the benefits that a healthy, vibrant economy, as well as the opportunity for increased tax revenues, will bring,” the CII said in a statement.

“However, the report also highlights that while businesses and consumers are benefiting from the recent measures introduced, the best way to ensure these benefits continue is for them to focus more on the restaurants that serve the most people.”

In a statement, CII chief executive Brendan Hughes said: “There are many opportunities for the hospitality industry to take advantage of these new opportunities.”

However, he said there were “significant issues” with the way in which the new rules have been implemented and the need for more clarity in the future.

“There is still considerable scope for improvement in terms of the regulatory framework, and there are still some significant issues which remain unanswered,” Mr Hughes said.

He said the new regulations “must be properly aligned with our national laws” to help ensure they work for all sectors of the economy. 

The CII also said it is “important that businesses are fully informed” and the government is “committed to supporting a strong and competitive economy”.

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