The Real Housewives of Atlanta stars are having a bit of a meltdown over the state of their careers

The Real Houses of Atlanta are having an affair with their own personal brand of celebrity-driven entertainment.

The reality show star-owned brands have recently been embroiled in a controversy after the show’s star, Kourtney Kardashian, was filmed kissing her husband, Kanye West, during a performance.

The episode was posted on Instagram, and the couple were later photographed with a towel covering their mouths.

However, some fans have accused the stars of being “toxic” and “stalker-y,” after Kardashian reportedly shared the image on Snapchat.

Kardashian has since removed the photo, and Kourtneys Instagram account has since been deleted.

It’s unclear if any backlash has been directed at the stars for the incident.

However in a statement to Us Weekly, the show said, “I am proud of what we’ve built together over the last seven seasons.

We’ve worked with many talented people to create a world of fun and entertainment, and I can’t imagine anyone could argue with that.”

“While this is not the show that we’ve been best known for, we have built something that will be missed.

We are so thankful for everyone who has been with us through this,” the show added.

“I know we can’t control everything, but I know we have each other’s backs.”

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