When Facebook and Twitter stopped offering data on their users, there was no one to report it. Now it’s a privacy breach

A major privacy breach has hit Facebook and its rival Twitter, exposing millions of user data and sparking a massive response from Facebook and other tech companies.

The company announced on Thursday that it had found a bug in its code that allowed it to access users’ data, allowing hackers to steal information about them.

The bug is still in use and could potentially be exploited by criminals or even nation states.

“As we’ve said before, our systems are not perfect and there’s always work to be done,” Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg wrote in a blog post.

“But we’re doing a lot to make sure that we’re taking these kinds of attacks seriously, and that we can fix them.”

Facebook says it has notified the US National Security Agency and other intelligence agencies and that it has made changes to its system.

The software bug, which was discovered on June 28, is “a security hole” and was fixed after the bug was reported to Facebook by a member of the security community, the company said.

The flaw allows the social media giant to access user data without the users consent.

Facebook says this allows the company to monitor the content of a user’s posts without being able to identify that content, including the user’s age, gender, or location.

But the bug could also allow hackers to access other personal information, like emails, text messages, and photos.

Facebook’s data breach came as the company struggled to regain its reputation after revelations about Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election and the hacking of Democratic Party email accounts.

It was also after the hack of Sony Pictures, where it was found that the company had sold the right to make films based on a controversial film in a way that allowed hackers to take control of the studio’s computers.

The data breach and the fallout from the hack have forced the company into a difficult decision: Keep using Facebook and keep the data of millions of users.

Or make it easier for criminals and foreign governments to gain access to Facebook’s user data.

The decision will have huge ramifications for the company.

The breach will force Facebook to confront a privacy problem that has been with the company since before it was founded in 2004.

Facebook and Google both said in April that they would roll out new privacy policies to make it harder for criminals to gain control of users’ information.

The changes could also force Facebook and YouTube to remove content, such as videos, from their platforms.

Facebook, which has a massive user base, says it will take up to two years to implement all of its new policies.

Google, meanwhile, said Thursday that a “major” change in its privacy policy would be rolled out later this year.

That policy is designed to address the concerns of tech companies that are losing their customers to foreign governments and other actors.

Facebook is a dominant player in the social network space, with billions of users worldwide.

The social media company says that more than 10 million people are signed up to its service every day, but the amount of information it collects is growing rapidly.

It is not the only company that is facing a data breach.

Last year, Yahoo said that hackers had stolen customer data from its servers.

The Wall Street Journal reported in June that the Russian government has hacked Yahoo’s email accounts, Gmail accounts, and Yahoo’s chat service.

Facebook has been criticized for not doing enough to prevent the data breaches and has come under fire from privacy advocates for not having a centralized system for tracking all of the data it collects.

It said on Thursday it was “working on a solution” to the problem.

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