Which businesses are investing in ‘smart’ car tech?

What are the biggest investments in smart car tech companies?

What is the next big trend?

Here are some of the most important news articles on the topic, plus the latest news and analysis.

News.net.au: A smart car that will go to war.

A company called Waymo is reportedly working on a car that can detect the location of the driver, give him a heads-up before a collision, and warn him if there’s a fire, flood or other emergency.

Waymo claims it can drive 300 kilometres (186 miles) per hour, but that’s still nowhere near the speed of the fastest cars on the road.

Waymono, a Chinese carmaker, is reportedly using a similar technology in its cars.

“There are many companies and companies that have been trying to do this kind of thing for a long time and have succeeded in some cases, but unfortunately, they haven’t really been able to reach their full potential,” Waymoni said.

“But we think that we can do a lot more, and we have a lot of experience working with a lot better sensors.”

Waymo’s project is called Waymona, and it’s reportedly working with Toyota, BMW, Volkswagen, Mercedes, Nissan and General Motors.

News Corp Australia: Smart cars that can monitor your health.

News Corporation Australia has announced it is partnering with a healthcare firm to build a smart car, which will monitor your medical conditions and recommend treatments based on your own health and lifestyle.

The company will use a technology called the Health Monitor System, which it claims can detect and treat conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, osteoarthritis, asthma, diabetes and depression.

News said it would have around 100 Health Monitor Systems ready by 2020.

News also said the cars would have a built-in heart monitor that could automatically notify patients when they had a heart attack.

News Australia’s CEO, Peter Dutton, said the technology was a breakthrough for the Australian healthcare sector.

“It will help us to make better healthcare decisions and provide our patients with the information they need to make the best decisions,” he said.

News of News Corp’s project follows reports in November that Tesla had invested $100 million in the company, with the aim of creating a “health-oriented” car.

Tesla is one of a handful of companies that are trying to develop a driverless car.

It is not clear if the company is using the health monitor technology in the cars it is developing.

News Media Australia: The world’s first fully autonomous bus.

The world is finally getting a fully autonomous, all-electric bus.

News and Media Australia reported on Tuesday that the world’s only fully autonomous commercial bus has been tested by the US Department of Transportation.

The US Department for Transport said the bus was tested on an experimental highway on the outskirts of Phoenix, Arizona, and will be used on a nationwide rollout.

“The autonomous bus is a major milestone for public transportation in the US,” the Department of Transport said.

It said it was also testing the bus on public roads in Utah, Oregon and Washington, and in a test track in Utah.

“While the autonomous bus will be available to public transit operators and passengers in 2021, we will only be providing the technology to a limited number of public transit agencies,” the agency said.

The technology will be based on the latest in high-tech sensors and software developed by NASA, the agency added.

“We look forward to using this technology to improve the safety and reliability of public transportation, and to improve mobility for millions of people.”

News of the bus’s test has prompted a flurry of reaction from journalists, who said they were surprised it was so far away.

“What a coincidence, it’s just around the corner,” said one.

“Can you imagine?” asked another.

News is published by News Media, an Australian public company that was founded in 2012 by two former Fairfax journalists, Mike Devereaux and Paul Balsamo.

The business has raised a total of $25 million since it was founded.

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