When India shuts down corporate mail services, US companies are left with nothing but ‘scams’

When India shut down corporate mailing services and corporate mail delivery services in 2016, it created a lot of headaches for the American companies that relied on them.

Now, the government is scrambling to find a solution to the problem.

On Friday, the Commerce Ministry announced it will shut down the corporate mail service and delivery services on September 1.

The government has also proposed to start using “fraud-free electronic mail” for mail delivery, the ministry said in a press release.

But many Indian companies still rely on the services, which are offered by companies such as American giant FedEx, which supplies mail to over 30,000 companies in the country.

“Indian companies have always relied on US mail delivery companies and delivery companies like UPS to deliver their mail,” said Anil Pandey, a vice president of the Indian Chambers of Commerce in New Delhi.

“When the government started its plan to shut down these companies, they had no choice but to turn to US mail services.

We are still waiting for a solution.”

The government is currently examining the cost of this new service, as well as how the Indian firms will be compensated.

According to the statement, India has over 2.3 million people using its private mail service.

The government has already allocated over $10 billion in funding to private companies to roll out this new technology.

“We will also be working with the US government to ensure the seamless delivery of mail from the US,” the ministry added.

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