New Zealand’s most prestigious awards for heritage companies

JORDAN, New Zealand — The award for most prestigious heritage corporate service in New Zealand was announced Monday.

It was the fourth annual award in the category of “Most Influential Service” at the New Zealand Heritage Awards.

It has three categories: “Most Inspiring,” “Most Innovative” and “Best Practices.”

In the category for “Best Practice,” New Zealand has three firms that are the beneficiaries of the award.

They are the KiwiBonds, which is a company that has been running for more than a decade and has a portfolio of about $1.4 billion in assets.

The other two firms are the Wellington-based Aotearoa Investments and the Wellington Trust, which was founded by former New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark and has about $100 million in assets, according to its website.

It is also one of the two firms that have received a National Award of Excellence.

Other winners were the Canterbury-based National Heritage Fund, which has assets of $1 billion, and the Auckland-based Royal Bank of Scotland, which had assets of about £1 billion.

The Wellington-born Trust has been involved in the restoration of the city of Wellington’s former crown tower and has made contributions to a number of charities, including the World Vision program, according a spokesperson.

Aotearo Investments is one of three firms who have received the National Heritage Award, along with Wellington-headquartered Aotarean Investment, a company whose founder is also the head of the Auckland trust, according the spokesperson.

The National Heritage Awards are given every three years, but are not necessarily awarded annually.

The awards are open to all companies and individuals who have “an outstanding contribution to heritage and heritage heritage management in New Zealander society.”

The awards, which are not open to any outside company, are also not available for those who have been appointed directors or directors of an entity that has assets less than $10 million, the spokesperson said.

The winners of the National Honour are chosen by a panel of judges, and they are selected by a group of three distinguished heritage industry experts, who are appointed by the New York-based Institute for the Conservation of New Zealand.

The New Zealand Museum, the New Plymouth Museum and the New England Museum were among the other recipients of the national award.

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