How do we improve our corporate HR processes?

Companies are moving to more flexible and collaborative HR systems, but that won’t always be enough.

To keep pace with the changing demands of the workplace, the world needs a better way to manage work, says Ben Tarrant, director of HR for the National Association of Accountants (NAAC).

Tarrants report the NAAC’s “Business HR for All” initiative to the U.S. Congress this week.

The initiative seeks to address a growing problem: How to handle work-related concerns that aren’t necessarily about pay, benefits, or performance.

While the majority of employers are looking to automate HR, a growing number of companies are turning to new and less automated processes to handle these types of issues.

“Businesses want to do things that are less stressful, more efficient, and that they know are right for them,” says Tarrance.

“We need to get over the fear that we’re going to end up with a corporate HR system that’s going to be worse than a human HR system.”

To address the growing demand for new, more agile systems, the NAA has launched a new corporate HR report titled Business HR for Everyone: A Global Perspective on HR.

This report examines the different types of HR solutions companies are adopting, the challenges that they face, and the benefits of employing them.

This month’s report also looks at HR professionals’ responses to the changing workplace.

Topics covered in the report include: How companies are outsourcing HR, why we should, and what we need to know.

What employers are doing to address HR problems?

What changes are needed to corporate HR to provide the best possible experience for their workers?

What are the most effective ways to streamline HR?

What steps are needed for HR to improve performance, increase productivity, and reduce costs?

How businesses are changing their HR processes to better align with their corporate goals?

Where do the new technologies and approaches to HR come from?

How do you make sure your employees are doing the right things to be productive and safe?

Learn more about the NACA’s Corporate HR report: Business HR For Everyone: What Companies Are Doing To Address HR Problems.

What Companies are Doing To address HR Problems: What Solutions Are Needed for Your Organization.

How Companies are Changing Their HR Processes to Better align with Your Corporate Goals.

What Steps Are Need for HR To Improve Performance, Increase Productivity, and Reduce Costs.

What Types of HR Solutions Are Available?

What Tools Are Available for You?

Learn More about the Corporate HR Report: BusinessHR for Everyone.

What Employees Are Doing to Handle Work-related Issues.

What Employers Are Doing for You: What Steps are Needed to Improve Your Employee’s Performance, Improve Productivity and Reduce Cost.

What Tools are Available for Your Employees: How Does the Company Keep Up with the Information Needed?

What Are the Best Practices for Using the Technology Available to You?

What Does the NAACA Recommend?

Learn About the NAACC’s Business HR Report for All.

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