Why you shouldn’t spend a day in the office

What if you’re like most people: You’re bored?

Maybe you just don’t have the time to do something that excites you?

Well, you may want to think again.

According to research by The New York Times, employees who spent the day at work spent far more time at their desks than they do at home.

The study analyzed data from more than 50,000 workers at Fortune 500 companies.

The Times reports that employees who used the time at work had an average of two hours more time spent on their laptops and other gadgets.

That’s a lot of time spent sitting in front of your laptop.

That doesn’t mean you should be sitting at home every day.

It just means you should do something else to keep your mind occupied.

In fact, some experts believe the extra time spent at your desk can actually make you happier.

The best way to boost productivity is to take breaks, say experts.

It’s not like you’re actually working harder, says Dr. James Dolan, a psychologist at University College London.

Instead, he says, the extra work you put in is a little bit like working extra hours on your vacation to avoid boredom.

That’s why Dr. John H. Fadiman, a professor of psychology at Columbia University, says you should focus on getting away from the computer and onto the couch.

Hacking away at your email, Facebook and other social media apps, he suggests, can do the same.

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