How much do you need to make to get to the NHL’s new home?

The NHL will open its new home in Nashville on Sunday with a special ceremony, a game-day parade and a big game.

The new arena will be built by Concord Services Corporation, a company owned by the owners of the Nashville Predators.

It will be the third NHL arena built by the Nashville-based company.

The arena is expected to open in time for the 2018-19 season.

The arena will feature suites and suites for the Predators and Nashville Predators players.

There will also be an outdoor rink and practice facility, as well as an indoor practice facility.

It is expected that the indoor rink will have seating for 500 fans, while the outdoor rink will seat 1,000.

The Predators, Predators General Manager David Poile and the Nashville Board of Trustees will host the ceremony.

The Nashville Predators will unveil the new logo on Wednesday.

The parade will be held from 1 p.m. to 6 p.t.

The parade will begin at the end of the outdoor practice area at the intersection of West Street and Main Street, with the parade starting about one hour before the game.

The Predators will have a line of about 150 people along Main Street during the parade.

The Nashville Predators are the only team in the NHL to hold its games at Bridgestone Arena, a privately owned, 24,000-seat venue in Nashville.

The team also uses a special shuttle service to take fans from Bridgestones Arena to the Predators arena.

In a statement, the Nashville Titans said that the new arena would make the franchise more accessible to fans, and would make it easier for the team to expand to new markets.

“The new Bridgestoned Arena will provide an opportunity for the Nashville Tennessean to stay in the heart of Nashville, which has been a favorite destination of the team for decades,” Titans General Manager Jon Robinson said in a statement.

“Our fans will love the opportunity to come to the BridgestONE Arena, and they will enjoy the added entertainment options and amenities that will be provided by the new Nashville Predators Arena.

We look forward to welcoming our fans to Bridgestoning Arena for the first time.”

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