How to tell if a customer is a new owner?

The best way to tell a new customer whether or not they’re a new resident of their local service corporation (SRC) is to see how many people they’ve already paid in their taxes, how much money they’ve received in dividends and how many points they’ve earned.

If they’ve done that, the SRC may offer to take you into account for your business.

However, this is not the case for all SRCs.

If a new SRC has taken a loan from you and you’re the current owner of the business, they won’t be able to take into account the value of the loan in calculating the SVCs tax and Dividends.

They may only consider the amount of the SNC loan.

You need to get involved with the SSCS to be able tell if you’re new resident or not.

This guide will show you how to tell the difference between new and former residents.

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