Wyoming Corporate Services to Cut Off Support to LGBT Employees


— Wyoming Corporate Service (WCS) will end its relationship with the Wyoming Gay & Lesbian Alliance, a Wyoming LGBT group that has received $1.2 million from the Wyoming State government since 2010. 

According to a statement issued Thursday, WCS was informed by the State’s Department of Economic Development that the group’s request to be listed on the state’s list of corporations that provide tax exempt services was denied because of its political affiliation. 

Wyoming is the only state that doesn’t require all corporations to list LGBT workers. 

“The Wyoming Gay and Lesbian Alliance’s request for inclusion on the Wyoming list was denied by the Wyoming Department of Revenue, and as a result we have ended our relationship with them,” WyoCPS spokesperson Lauren Sievers said in the statement. 

The announcement comes less than two months after the Wyoming State Department of Financial Development (WDDFD) sent WYMWR a letter saying that WYGW and WYW were violating Wyoming law by refusing to list WYG and WOW as tax exempt entities. 

State officials said in a statement Thursday that they were making the decision after receiving an inquiry from WYMV. 

This comes on the heels of WYMWS decision to cut ties with the national LGBT advocacy group Lambda Legal after the group said it could no longer provide services to clients. 

In a press release, the WYOCCs executive director, Dan Crain, said, “As the largest corporate entity in the state, we recognize that WOW and WYLG have a long history of serving Wyoming taxpayers, and we have long believed in our ability to do so. 

But the Wyoming Legislature and Gov. Matt Mead have made clear that this is not an issue for us to address at this time. 

We have also made it clear that we are committed to working collaboratively with WYMP and WYSMP to address the issues of diversity and inclusion in our business.”

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