How to get around the $2.7 billion rail freight tolls

The rail industry is facing a crisis of sorts: the massive costs associated with the heavy rail network.

The rail industry was built on rail infrastructure that was never designed for the sheer volume of freight that it handles.

The industry has built rail infrastructure for decades to handle the amount of freight and passengers that it does.

But when the infrastructure is designed and built for a new freight market, the amount the rail industry has to pay to run the freight has to be much greater.

As of December 30, there was $1.5 billion in freight costs that were not included in the rail freight network’s freight network cost.

This is an estimated figure based on the average freight costs per hour of freight across the entire rail network, excluding the freight network, which is about $20.

What the railroads are saying on the rail tolls situation In a statement to the ABC, the Association of Australian Railways said it was aware of the problem and it was working on solutions.

“As we continue to work with industry, it is critical that we have a fair, transparent and accountable process for managing freight and toll charges, which we have so far been unable to achieve through a single process,” it said.

AAPRA said it would be making a statement next week.

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