When will Google shut down its new Gmail competitor?

The US company that was to become Google’s main email service on Wednesday is shutting down its service after three months of development, the company said in a statement to TechCrunch.

Google also confirmed that it is planning to take over the domain Gmail.com, and will be the domain’s administrator.

The change is expected to occur on February 18, the same day Google’s parent company Alphabet ( Alphabet ) is scheduled to release a major product announcement.

Google, a company with a $21 billion market cap, said it would shut down Gmail.

The service was set to debut on the Android and iOS platforms in January.

Google said it had not yet made any decisions about the future of the service. 

Gmail.com will no longer be available to Google users.

The new service will be a replacement for Gmail’s free email service and will provide the same functionality as Gmail, but without the email functionality, Google said.

“We are announcing this decision because we want to provide a more secure and reliable experience for Gmail users,” a Google spokesperson said in the statement.

Google has long said that its new services will be better than Gmail’s service and Google said Gmail users will be able to continue using Gmail while the new service is up and running.

The company’s Gmail service is free, though you will have to pay for additional services.

Google will offer Gmail for $5 per month or $24 per year.

The $15 monthly premium for Gmail is part of a broader $50 monthly subscription plan.

The other major new service Google is rolling out is Google+ that will allow users to post photos, videos, and other content to Google’s social network.

Google is also rolling out Google Hangouts, which allows users to record and share video chats.

Google plans to introduce a new video calling feature for users on the web.

The announcement comes on the heels of a similar announcement earlier this week that Google was going to shut down Google+ to be replaced by a new service called Hangouts. 

Google has not revealed a timeline for when Gmail will be shut down, but said it is aiming to “immediately” shut down the service, though it has not yet announced the exact date.

Google declined to provide any other details on the company’s plans for Google+. 

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