How to help the Heartland Institute in its fight to stop the AON service corporation

As we enter the final days of the year, the Heartlands Institute is gearing up to roll out the final push it has made in its defence against the Aon service corporations.

The organisation is gearing things up for its big “Save the Heart” campaign, launching a major campaign, which will be launched in three states, in which Aon services will be blocked.

In NSW, the campaign will kick off with a major online media blitz in Melbourne on December 9, and will also go national in Canberra on January 7.

The Heartlands’ campaign will also launch in the ACT on January 12, and the NT on January 16.

“We are taking this campaign to all corners of the country in an effort to make sure that people understand that the Aons have been involved in a variety of harmful practices in the heartland of Australia,” Heartlands founder and CEO, Dr Ian Burridge, said.

“The Aon is now in the business of harming Australian farmers and ranchers and destroying the health of people who rely on the services they provide.”

Our aim is to get the message out to as many people as possible that the harms of Aons are being perpetrated in our midst, and to help prevent this from happening to other Australian families.

“A key issue of concern to farmers is the use of the Aono service by the Aone, and a major problem for the Heartwoods is that Aons can not be licensed in Australia as a health and nutrition provider, and that only the NSW Health Authority has the authority to do so.

The NSW Government has been looking to repeal the Aona licensing regime, and its move is likely to be delayed for now.

The Aono licence is currently in limbo because of the Government’s push to end the Aones licence to sell products to Australia’s dairy farmers.

However, Dr Burridge said there was a “sustainable way forward” if the Government was to repeal that.”

If the Government is to move forward with repealing that, we need to see the NSW Government act, and ensure that a proper process for that process is in place,” he said.

Dr Burridge added that the Heartwood Institute had been in contact with the NSW Department of Primary Industries, and was working with them to establish a framework for that to happen.”

This is a very serious matter and the NSW department of primary industries has a long-term vision of the role of the state in our health and wellbeing, and this will play a role in the process of determining how to proceed with the repeal,” he explained.

The issue of the health and safety of the dairy industry was a particular focus of the Heartsts.”

There is concern in the dairy sector in Australia about the potential for Aon to interfere with the dairy supply chain, and it is important that we do everything we can to make that case,” Dr Burridges said.

The Health Authority, meanwhile, has indicated it will make a decision on the issue within days.”

Aono Services has received and has accepted a statement from the NSW Minister of Primary Industry, stating that they are unable to recommend Aon’s licensure as a Health and Nutrition Services provider in NSW due to the Aoni licensing regime,” a spokesperson said.

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