UK’s biggest IT companies need to move faster

The UK is facing a shortage of software developers and it’s not just IT companies.

Businesses and governments are also struggling to attract and retain talent, and the new IT funding model that was introduced to fund new technology will only make it worse.

The UK has the second-highest number of IT jobs in the EU, after Germany, with a total of 6,715,000.

But it has one of the highest rates of job turnover, according to the IT Salary Survey, and that has made it harder for IT firms to attract talent.

That’s been a problem because employers want to hire top-quality employees to fill their roles.

So far, that has meant that recruitment firms have had to rely on private contractors to fill the gap.

“We have an ageing workforce, and so employers are looking for an alternative,” said Mark Stowell, senior vice-president at IT recruitment firm IT Skills.

“They’re looking to find more senior IT managers.”

The UK also has a lot of high-tech companies, which rely on big data to create new applications, and there are more people than ever who are tech-savvy.

And it’s just one of many industries where the IT workforce has grown, but it is still a relatively small proportion of the workforce.

A key factor is that the number of people with a degree in computer science and a particular skill has been growing rapidly.

The number of students entering IT courses has also grown, with the proportion of people aged over 20 who have completed a course increasing from 14 per cent in 2015 to 26 per cent last year.

There’s also been a surge in the number applying to IT jobs, with graduates applying to positions that traditionally go to the senior management team, rather than to the more junior people.

That means more people are applying for these jobs.

The problem is that IT companies have had less of a role in hiring the new graduates, and more of a job in recruiting them.

As a result, the IT companies are finding it difficult to attract the talent they need.

“It’s really important for the UK to have an IT workforce that is more diverse,” said Stowell.

So far in 2017, IT firms have spent £11.6bn on new hires, but that’s only made up a quarter of the £17.9bn spent on new software applications that were launched in the UK in the same year. “

But I think we need to be more proactive and start looking at where we can put a bit more emphasis on recruiting from outside the industry.”

So far in 2017, IT firms have spent £11.6bn on new hires, but that’s only made up a quarter of the £17.9bn spent on new software applications that were launched in the UK in the same year.

In total, companies have spent more than £40bn on the new applications that they launched in 2017.

That is around £20bn less than the total cost of hiring people to fill those jobs.

That has made recruitment even harder.

It’s not that companies can’t hire the new people they need; it’s that they can’t afford to do so.

“The reality is we’re not getting the talent we need,” said Steve Smith, CEO of recruitment firm Skillpoint.

“That’s really the biggest problem we’re facing, is that we’re spending money we shouldn’t be spending on new recruits.”

There’s been no shortage of applicants.

Some of the biggest companies have been able to fill vacancies by bringing in the best candidates.

“There’s a lot more talent in the sector than people realise,” said Smith.

“A lot of companies have got a lot bigger than they realise.”

So what can be done to fix this?

The IT Salary Study suggests the government should: increase funding to recruitment companies and hire more top talent

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