When will the Trudeau government’s corporate services plan be announced?

Business Insider Canada has received a very large batch of documents related to the Trudeau administration’s corporate service plan, which will be unveiled on March 22.

As of March 18, the government has released the following four documents related the corporate services strategy: The Corporate Services Strategy document (pdf) describes the process by which the government will establish and implement its strategy, including a timeline for its implementation, the mandate for its delivery, and how the government is delivering it.

The Strategic Plan document (pp. 15-20) provides a brief summary of the government’s strategic objectives and a timeline to the implementation of its agenda.

The Strategy document also provides a list of key elements of the plan, such as the following: Key strategic objectives for Canada: Strengthening Canada’s global leadership in innovation, innovation-driven economic growth, and sustainable economic growth; Strengthen the country’s competitiveness in the global marketplace and global economy; Strembngthen Canada’s position as a global leader in the areas of energy and environment; Promote innovation and entrepreneurship; Promoting the growth and prosperity of Canadian business by attracting and retaining talent; Promotes innovation and competitiveness; and Enhancing Canadian innovation by supporting innovation in new industries.

The Corporate Plan document provides a summary of key initiatives and priorities that will support the corporate service strategy and the Strategic Plan.

The strategic plan is available here: Corporate Services: Strategy document.

The Economic Plan document is available on the government website here: Economic Plan.

Finally, the strategic plan, Strategic Plan, Strategic Framework, Strategic Development, Strategic Planning document are available here.

In total, the documents are almost three hundred pages long, and contain the following key elements: Key elements of Canada’s Corporate Services strategy document.

Key elements related to Canada’s Strategic Plan and Economic Plan documents.

The government has already released several other documents related a number of strategic priorities, such the following documents that outline the governments strategy for the long term: Strategic Framework document, Strategic Strategy document, and Strategic Development Plan document.

As well, the following government policy documents were released by the government: The Strategy of Action document.

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