What to do if your company is in arrears

An American service company has said it has been in arres of £3,300 ($4,200) for an unspecified period of time, following an investigation into unpaid bills.

The US-based corporation, American servicing corporation (AMS), is a subsidiary of US-focused Marine Services Corporation.AMS has been operating since 2005, but according to the company, the unpaid bills have now escalated to over £2,800 ($2,900).

AMS has confirmed to Reuters that it had received more than 2,300 complaints about unpaid bills from customers since April.

“This is the third time AMS received complaints and the company has been forced to take action, the company said in a statement.”

The company has identified a number of factors that led to the problem, including a lack of management training and a poor work culture.AMs is committed to supporting its employees, and is committed in providing them with the best possible working environment and benefits,” it added.”

It is our hope that our customers will be able to make the right decision on how to resolve the issue.”AMS said it would work with the customer to resolve their problem, and would also look to resolve other unpaid bills in the future.”

We are committed to doing everything we can to resolve these issues as quickly as possible,” AMS said.

The firm’s troubles have been caused by its relationship with US-owned American Marine Services Corp (AMSC), which runs several US vessels.

AMSC operates the USS Ponce and the USS Stethem and is the only US company currently operating the USS Lexington.AMSC also operates the US Navy’s USS Enterprise and the US Army’s USS George Washington.

The two vessels are owned by the US government and operate under contract to the US Marine Corps, with the service receiving an estimated $8.7 billion a year from the Navy.AMSS has also had disputes with US companies operating its vessels, including American Oil & Gas, and American Power & Light, both of which are owned and operated by US companies.

The service also has a number issues with its contracts with the American Marine Service Corp, including an unpaid bill of over £3.8 million for the USS Enterprise.AMSL has said that it is currently working to resolve its arrear payments with AMSC and hopes to complete the work by the end of the year.

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