What you need to know about the banking services corporation that sued Mashable

Business Insider’s Ben Miller explains how the banking service corporation filed a lawsuit against Mashable.

The business was founded by two ex-employees of Wells Fargo who claimed they were fired for having political beliefs.

The lawsuit, which Mashable first reported in September 2018, is still ongoing and the judge has yet to issue an order.

“It’s very sad to see our bank get sued for political speech and to see it become the catalyst for the lawsuit that is the result of that,” said Mike Mancuso, a member of the Wells Fargo Board of Directors.

Mancu, who is not related to former CEO Stephen Mancum, said the lawsuit is a sign of how powerful banking services corporations have become in the US.

“You are seeing it now across the country where banks are just starting to push the boundaries and trying to push people to become more political,” he said.

Mankin, who has worked in banking for 30 years, said he feels bad for the victims in the case, which he believes is a result of the “biggest media campaign in history” against him.

“They’ve been trying to silence us,” he told Mashable in a phone interview.

“The fact that they’re willing to go to court, it’s a slap in the face to everyone who has been working for us for the past 30 years.”

Mancucos family has said he’s been fired for his political views and the timing of the lawsuit was coincidental.

“This lawsuit is an obvious attempt to intimidate and silence us.

We’re trying to fight for our livelihood and not be harassed by these bullies,” Mancuzo said.

The Mancuca family also believes the lawsuit against the family has nothing to do with the allegations of the investigation into Wells Fargo and is “an attempt to distract attention from the fact that we are fighting for our rights as citizens and Americans.”

Mankins lawyer, Michael Mancutto, told Mashability that the lawsuit does not reflect his client’s feelings.

“Our client is disappointed that he has been targeted by a media campaign that seeks to harass him, but we believe this is an attempt to deflect attention from an investigation into the bank,” Mankets attorney said.

In a statement, Wells Fargo said it “condemns this type of attack and all its associated tactics, which we have already been fully cooperating with and continue to do so.”

The bank also said that Mancucci “has always been and remains a valued employee at Wells Fargo, and we will continue to support him in any way we can.”

Matico said he and his brother are working to obtain a refund for their money from Wells Fargo.

“We want to see this all stop,” Maticos said.

“I want to make sure that our money is going to my brother.”

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