Which are the best and worst companies to join?

India is the most popular place for corporate recruitment in the world, with a whopping 77% of corporate recruitment companies in the country having at least one Indian employee.

But as recruitment becomes more globalised, India’s recruitment practices have evolved to become more competitive, which has resulted in the number of companies hiring in India being decreasing.

The best and the worst companies in India to join are:1.

Eltoma Corporate Services: A leading company in India, Eltama is the leader in providing business management, HR, and IT services for multinational corporations.

Eltsa is headquartered in Chennai, India, with offices in London, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

In the last five years, Eltsas revenues grew by 8.4% year-on-year to USD 8.1 billion.

Its main client base is India, and the company has offices in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Bengaluru.

The company offers a variety of training programmes for business owners and executives, including for people from diverse backgrounds.

Its team is comprised of top-level management, and includes HR and corporate executives.2.

Vistara India: Vistaras core business is providing corporate training services for senior leaders.

Vistsara was founded in 2007 by Shashi Kapoor, a senior vice president of the Vistars software platform, and Rishi Sharma, its COO.

Vismars primary focus is on training senior leaders, who are responsible for the execution of strategic initiatives to boost the competitiveness of their companies and the country.

Its primary client base in India is corporates and private sector companies, as well as government agencies and other entities.

Its website has a number of courses and opportunities available for employees.

The team comprises of senior leaders from top IT, finance, and HR sectors.3.

Lava Global: Lava is a global company focused on providing global management training and development services.

Lavalas headquarters is in Mumbai, and its staff is comprised mostly of professionals from the IT, Finance, and Risk Management sectors.

Llevas main clients are the public sector and private enterprises, as the company also offers a number or training courses for government and government agencies.

Lacta, which is based in Bengaluru, has offices across the country and offers a wide range of training courses, as its primary focus in India lies in corporate training.4.

Littlestar Corporation: Littlis main client is the government sector, as Littles main focus is training managers and leaders in government and civil service.

LIT is headquartered at Mumbai, India and is the largest private-sector recruitment company in the Indian Government.

LITS main client in India has been the State of Maharashtra, where the company operates a training centre.

Lits main focus in the past five years has been on training leaders for the State government and the Ministry of Human Resource Development.

LITTL’s main client has been State of Haryana, where it has offices throughout the State.

Its services include training, employment, and retraining for government employees and state officials, as a direct result of the Government’s successful implementation of the ‘GST-Bharat Abhiyan’ programme, which aims to bring low-cost and low-skill employment and growth in the State, the company’s website has detailed training options available to employees and their families.5.

GVSS India: GVss is a large outsourcing company, which offers its services through a global network of companies and individuals, including government agencies, large corporations, and multinationals.

Its offices are located in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore, and it has a presence in all 50 states and the Union Territory of Madhya Pradesh.

Its clients are large corporates, multinational corporations, government agencies including the State governments, and private firms.

Its global network has over 500,000 employees.

Its client base includes multinational corporations and government organizations.

Its websites offer training, job vacancies, job placement services, and job placement assistance.6.

Deloitte India: Deloittis main client group is the public and private sectors.

Its headquarters is located in Bengalabad, India.

Delos main clients include the public sectors, corporates in India and multinational companies.

Its corporate services include job postings, job applications, job search services, recruitment opportunities, job outsourcing, and recruiting, as an integral part of its work.

Its job search service is available in English and in Hindi.7.

Virent Technologies: Viret Technologies is a technology company with a focus on the services and services business.

Its business focuses on delivering solutions to end users through the services, including cloud computing, data analytics, telematics, and other solutions, in India.

It also has an in-house IT services department, with the expertise in technology, automation, and human resources.

It is headquartered, in Chennai.

Its major client base and revenue stream in India are corporates. It has

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