How a company called FaxCorp could get its hands on a major part of Boston’s city services

A company that provides emergency calls and phone service in the city of Boston has obtained an exclusive lease for more than two million square feet of space in a major development project in the area.

A team of private equity firms is eyeing the space as part of their $30 million deal to buy a parcel of land for a $6.5 million office building.

The deal was first reported by Boston Business Journal, which cited a source close to the deal.

The office building is slated to open next year.

FaxCorp, a subsidiary of a Boston-based company called Nexon, acquired the land for $5 million in December 2015 and is now seeking permission to begin construction.

It would be the first major office development in the Greater Boston area, which has struggled to attract a lot of new office tenants and is already home to some of the city’s most expensive housing.

FoxCorp has been seeking to acquire properties for more office space in the past.

It purchased an office building in Newburyport for $2.2 million in 2010.

In April, Fax Corp. also purchased a 4,700-square-foot building at 618 West Main Street for $1.7 million.

It later resold the building to a developer and is building a second one at the site of a former warehouse.

FraxCorp said the new building would provide access to its network of 911 and other emergency services.

The company said it would use the space for its “first responders, community leaders and community leaders who use Fax’s 911 services.”

The company said the building would serve as a training center for local police and fire departments.

Boston has struggled in recent years to attract large office projects, and the city has struggled with its housing affordability and unemployment rates.

The City Council is considering a proposal that would allow developers to build more than 200,000 square feet per year on city-owned land in the South End.

The building that Fax is planning for the new development is at 619 West Main St., in New Boston.

It is owned by Boston Properties, which is owned jointly by Boston Mayor Marty Walsh and Fenway Park’s owner, John Henry.

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