How to Make a Simple Phone Call from Anywhere

Google, the world’s largest search engine, has been expanding its reach in India.

Today, it is rolling out a new feature to let you use its mobile service from anywhere in the world. 

The feature is called ‘Pairing’. 

It allows you to pair an existing phone call with another number that’s nearby, in the same city, and in the area you’re in.

You can then call the other number with the same phone number as the call you made, even if they don’t have a mobile number. 

Google is rolling this out to all existing Google accounts, as well as the accounts that were previously linked to it.

You’ll be able to call any number, even one in a different city. 

For example, you can call the number from a city in India, and your phone will automatically call the phone number that you have in the US, or a number that has been linked to you from another Google account. 

To make the call, tap on the ‘P’ button at the bottom of the screen.

You will be shown a list of possible call partners, and a ‘Pairs’ button to pair it with.

Tap ‘Paired’ on one of the ‘pairs’ buttons to make the phone call. 

Once you’ve made the call to your destination, you’ll be redirected to a Google page where you can confirm your call.

Google says this will allow you to: Make a phone call in the middle of a crowded bus, or even if your phone has dropped off. 

Call your daughter, friend or co-worker in India from any phone, even in the country that you’re currently in. 

Dial a mobile phone number from anywhere that you are in the United States, United Kingdom, or Canada. 

Use your Google Voice account to make a phone contact from any device, even the ones you have linked to your Google account from a Google account in India or the US. 

Sign up for a new Google account and set up a new number to make phone calls from anywhere. 

Add a Google Voice number to your existing Google Voice or SMS account, and you can make phone contact through Google Voice from any number.

If you want to make multiple calls from your Google accounts at once, you will need to add the number to both Google Voice accounts. 

This feature will be rolling out to more devices as the feature is expanded.

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