A group that helped the man accused of raping a teenager has been banned from operating as a group

A group of men who helped a 19-year-old woman who was raped and assaulted at a home in South Africa said in a statement on Tuesday that it has been suspended from the business.

The group, called Ant Service Corporations, had advertised for “an alternative source of revenue” to operate in South African courts and on the internet in June, but the company was never able to find any, said the statement.

The women who were raped by one of the men, who is now 25, told police that he forced himself on them in his vehicle and they were forced to perform oral sex.

The woman has not been charged.

The statement said that the group was banned from participating in “business transactions” in the country and from “using their professional qualifications to facilitate or facilitate sexual activity or any sexual activity of a sexual nature”.

The statement did not name the company.

It said that it was concerned about the impact the suspension would have on the women who spoke to the media, and that it would also have an adverse impact on the lives of the young women who work in the business, as well as on the young men who are members of the group.

“The members of Ant Service Companies have no right to engage in any commercial activity whatsoever in the Republic of South Africa, and we are not sure whether this suspension will be permanent,” the statement said.

The company said it was in discussions with the police and was taking steps to make sure it would be able to continue to operate.

“We have decided to suspend our activities and to make it easier for members of this group to go about their daily business without being forced to participate in any activities,” the company said.

South African police have said they have received reports of “an ongoing investigation” into the alleged sexual assault.

The case against the alleged rapist is still being investigated, South African police said in their statement.

“Any person who has been the victim of rape is entitled to have the police investigate the matter without any interference, including interference with the person’s legal rights, if there is a criminal case against them,” the police statement said, adding that the allegations were “unfounded”.

The police also said they were looking into “an alleged assault” on another member of the same group.

The victim and the alleged rapists were released on bail earlier this month.

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