Arc Corp: Arc Corporate Services is getting its own network, new data center and new CEO

Posted May 05, 2020 07:50:56Arc Corp., the maker of Arc Door Services, will have its own data center in South Florida, a new CEO said Wednesday, a move that could make the company’s services more accessible for people without insurance or other financial limitations.

Arc Corp. said the new data and software center, dubbed “ArcCorps,” would be located in Palm Beach County and its software and services will be more affordable than those at its competitors.

Arc Corp. and its sister company, ArcGard, were acquired by a private equity group in 2014.

The company said it plans to open the new facility in late 2019.

The new data centre will be part of a new “architecture,” said Kevin Johnson, president of Arc Corp.’s business unit, Arc Corporate.

ArcCorp is ArcCorp’s data centre and data services business.

It is one of several data centres being built around the world.

The data centres will be the largest and most advanced in the world, Johnson said.

The company is also working with a group of technology companies to make the data centres more accessible.

ArcCorps will be connected to the larger, more efficient data centre in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

ArcCorp is also in talks with other firms to provide services at its data centres, Johnson added.

ArcGard will be one of the new services, Johnson told reporters in a conference call Wednesday.

The new service will be an entirely new business, Johnson continued.

ArcGards main focus will be in the business of providing consumer financial services.

Arc corporate services is a company that has been making door-to-door door service to help people who have insurance coverage, but who cannot afford to buy a car, Johnson stated.

The ArcCorp services include telemarketing, online billing, tax preparation and other financial services, including checking and savings.

Arc is the world’s largest provider of door-and-door customer service.

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