Microsoft’s Office 365 is a mess

Microsoft’s online Office 365 service has become a mess, with users complaining of endless login problems and slow performance, and the company’s Office apps are now completely unusable.

The Redmond, Washington-based company says that the issues stem from a change to the way Office 365 handles the database of users, which Microsoft says has resulted in “a number of minor issues” in its online and desktop Office 365 services.

Microsoft’s latest release of Office 365, version 15.4.2, has also introduced several bugs that the company says have been fixed.

Microsoft has also promised that it will “take steps to make sure all Office 365 users have a seamless experience.”

“This is a real concern,” said Matt McAlister, a Microsoft spokesman.

“I think they have taken some big steps to address this.”

The problems have been around since Microsoft first introduced the service to customers in September 2015.

The problem is caused by an issue in Microsoft’s server technology, which is used to store and process data.

“The way it was structured, it’s very hard to change that, especially when it comes to the database,” said David Turetsky, a software architect who runs a security firm called Norton Security.

“You don’t know what’s going on in the database.”

Microsoft says that there are no known bugs in the Office 365 software.

However, McAlisters comments raise questions about whether the company is taking necessary steps to fix the problem.

The first major update to Office 365 came in January 2018, but it did not fix all the problems.

Instead, it introduced new features that some users were happy with.

But many customers complained that these features did not make the service faster, and they complained that the updates slowed down Office for iPad.

“They don’t seem to care about fixing these things,” McAlsters said.

“This isn’t something they have a problem with.

They’re not fixing it.”

Microsoft is currently rolling out the latest version of Office for Android tablets, which are still running Windows 10.

Users who have Office for iOS or Windows Mobile can still use the online version of the online service, and those with Office 365 for Windows will have to use the offline version.

“We’re taking these updates very seriously,” McAllister said.

“[It] looks like they’re making a big effort to address these things.”

Microsoft also promised to “take some steps to ensure all Office customers have a smooth experience,” but McAllisters comments suggest that those steps may be taking little to no action.

Microsoft is rolling out Office for Windows 10 on October 26.

The latest version is scheduled to roll out to customers on November 8, but McAlisons comments suggest it may not be available to them until November.

“Some of these things are coming out so soon that they’re not going to be there until they’re rolled out to everyone,” McALLISTER said.

McAlliers comments are also concerning because McAllikers Office for Mac, which was available only on the Mac for a few months, has since been updated to include support for Office 365.

“It looks like it’s going to take a lot of work for them to make that happen,” Mcallister said of Microsoft.

McAlistas Office for Linux is available on Linux distributions, including Ubuntu and Red Hat Linux.

Microsoft will be rolling out a new version of its online service on October 28, but Microsoft has yet to announce a release date.

Microsoft also says it will be updating its online portal to provide better support for new users.

“As we’ve said repeatedly, the best way to improve the Office experience for Office customers is to improve our products and services, and we’re making that happen through the rollout of a range of features to improve overall performance,” McAllen said.

But McAllisons comments seem to suggest that Microsoft may not have been listening to customers when it promised improvements in its Office 365 products.

Microsoft did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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