US corporations are turning their back on climate change

The world’s biggest corporations are abandoning global warming in an increasingly desperate bid to boost profits.

The decision is a signal that the corporate world is moving towards becoming a global carbon tax.

But it is also a reflection of the increasingly vocal opposition to carbon taxes among governments and the general public.

In the US, for example, there are calls to scrap carbon taxes.

A growing number of governments around the world, including the European Union, have begun to adopt measures to limit carbon emissions.

These include taxing carbon emissions and making investments to tackle climate change.

The Paris agreement, signed in December, requires governments to “cut back greenhouse gas emissions by 25% on 2020 levels by 2030”.

And in November, Germany announced plans to cut its emissions by 20% by 2030.

But for some companies, this could be a bad thing.

Some big US companies have already begun to scale back investments to mitigate climate change and instead focus on other areas, like manufacturing.

According to the Carbon Tracker Initiative, which tracks global carbon emissions, the US has the largest share of the world’s Fortune 500 companies on its carbon footprint.

The company with the biggest carbon footprint is Apple, which emits around 3.7% of the global total.

Its chief executive, Tim Cook, has said the company will spend $1tn (2.3bn) on reducing carbon emissions in 2020.

“Apple has always been committed to the climate, and it’s something that we’ve been actively working on,” said Jeremy Wieseltier, CEO of the Climate Action Tracker, a US climate advocacy group.

“I think we’re seeing that our company is now putting more focus on renewable energy and reducing the carbon footprint in the US.”

Apple has been among the world leaders in renewable energy, too, but in recent years it has increasingly focused on making solar panels and wind turbines for the US market.

“We’ve also been investing in technologies that we know are going to be less effective than the current carbon tax, and so we’ve shifted more of our investment in those technologies to those other countries,” Mr Wieselthier told the Financial Times.

Mr Cook has said Apple’s move to shift investment to green energy was in response to the Paris agreement.

In September, the company announced it was moving its headquarters from Ireland to a new headquarters in Mexico City.

Mr Wyseltier said Apple was not planning to reduce its carbon emissions at the new facility.

“The fact is, the companies that are actually going to get their energy from renewable energy are not going to do it in the same way as Apple,” he said.

“If they want to be on the green side of the equation, they’re going to have to do the most important thing for Apple, they need to be moving from the US to Mexico City.”

The US government will continue to make it easier for US businesses to invest in green energy.

“Companies that are going overseas are going away.

And so they’re just not going,” Mr Cook said in a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal.

“But for us, we’re going into Mexico City with all of our corporate headquarters.

We’re going there to do business with people that are very concerned about climate change.”

Apple’s decision is not just a shift away from the Paris deal.

It is also being challenged in other ways by the US and other countries.

Earlier this month, the European Commission launched a legal challenge to a proposed EU plan to reduce the greenhouse gas output of its biggest companies.

The European Commission, which includes Apple, Chevron and Exxon Mobil, has been pushing to lower emissions from the energy sector in Europe.

The Commission is also pushing to make investments in clean energy in other EU member states, like Britain.

A number of countries in Europe are now considering plans to limit CO2 emissions.

The UK government, for instance, has announced plans that it will invest around £1bn in a new generation of renewable energy projects in 2020, including £150m in a wind farm in the county of Dorset.

“There is no doubt that the transition to renewable energy is going to continue, and this government is committed to supporting clean energy across the whole of our economy,” said Amber Rudd, the environment secretary, in a statement.

It is a very ambitious plan and it would take a very long time to build the necessary infrastructure, but the commitment from the UK government and the energy industry is that we will continue with our efforts to reduce our CO2 footprint.”

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